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2022 Virtual Poster Sessions

The 2022 AMS - PME Student Poster and AWM Poster Sessions are being hosted in the digital campus. If you have never used before, then please have a look at the following Guest Guide to Gather to learn how to move around (using your keyboard arrow keys) and interact with people and objects (pressing the "x" key) in this digital environment.

Note: We strongly recommend using a google chrome browser on a desktop or laptop computer. You will need to permit the browser to access your camera and microphone to be able to see and speak with attendees.

Quick Info for Presenters

Each Poster Session has its own space in You move your avatar around the space by using the arrow keys on your keyboard and you interact with objects by pressing the "x" key.  You can move between the three poster spaces by walking along the boardwalk. Here is a screenshot of the AWM Poster Session space in


Now let's pretend it's your time to present your poster to guests who will be coming by. For the sake of this example, let's say you are presenting Poster 005 in the AWM Session. Using your arrow keys on your keyboard, you will want to walk your avatar over to your poster and stand in the "shaded" space directly below it. See the picture below. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 11.49.11 AM.png

This is your private presentation space where you can hold conversations about your poster with your guests. You will notice that the poster becomes highlighted in yellow as soon as you enter into the private shaded space.  Guests who wish to view your poster page may do so by pressing the "x" key on the keyboard.  You may also choose to share your screen with any of your guests if you would like to guide them through a presentation.

If you need any help during the event, please search for "HELP" in the guest list in the space.  We will be happy to assist you.

Happy Poster Session!


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