Sococo Notice:

Sococo only works through a Google Chrome Web Browser or the Sococo Desktop App on a laptop or desktop computer. No iPads or mobile devices. Login and download at

Video Contents


0:00 -- Intro/Disclaimers/Conference Setup
1:15 -- Accepting Sococo Email Invite
2:52 -- Avatar/Profile Editing
4:09 -- Navigating Sococo
4:54 -- Chatting in Sococo
6:50 -- Finding Other Users in Sococo
7:50 -- 'Getting' other users/Knocking
10:20 -- Video and Screen Sharing
11:37 -- Posters and Share Icons
14:14 -- Entering Zoom Talks
15:15 -- Changing Sococo Spaces
17:10 -- Settings and Notifications

Quick Reference Manual:

Editing your Sococo Notifications and Sounds

In the upper left corner of Sococo, click on

and then

and then

The notification that you will want to turn off for the sake of the speaker and the audience will be the following:

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